“I had the delightful experience of having Mr. Tye represent me for an injury case. He was honest (most important to me), down to earth and I felt comfortable from the moment I met him. My case went very smoothly with much less stress than I would have expected. The most amazing part was that he let his caring more about me and my long term care override a situation that could have made him more money if he had chosen a different route with my case. I can’t recommend him highly enough. His assistant Cathy is an expert at what she does. She moved mountains with her skills and was very easy to communicate with. Dawn, the receptionist, was always helpful and friendly. I hope I never need an attorney again but I’d go to him if I did. ”

Carolyn K.

Marino & Tye fought for me when I needed two surgeries as a result of a trucking accident. Even though the defendant trucking company was based in Mexico and was evading our lawsuit, Marino & Tye never stopped fighting for me, and forced the insurance company to step up. They ended up paying their policy limit without having to go to court

Henry R.

I retained Marino & Tye after a bad car accident. Due to a broken arm, I was unable to work and had to go on disability. Marino & Tye was there for me every step of the way, and even helped me obtain orthopedic and stem cell treatment for my arm fracture with a top doctor in my area. Eventually they settled my case for an amount that exceeded my expectations, allowing me to get my back to my life.

David H.

I was rear-ended and sustained an injury to my low back. After the accident, I was in severe pain, but the insurance company told me the accident was “low-impact” and that my back pain was due to prior back issues, which were not problematic at the time of the accident. I retained Marino & Tye, who fought on behalf and demonstrated that my back condition was caused by the accident. Thankfully, Marino & Tye settled my case for the policy limits of the defendant’s insurance company.

Tobias S.

I was injured in a bad accident while on someone’s property. Despite what seemed to be a clearly dangerous condition, the property-owners denied responsibility. I retained Marino & Tye, who filed a lawsuit and quickly began calling the owners in for depositions. Shortly after filing the lawsuit, Marino & Tye was able to obtain a great settlement on my behalf. I could never have done it without them.

Robert C.